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Seeley James

The Rembrandt Decision: A Pia Sabel Mystery

The Rembrandt Decision: A Pia Sabel Mystery

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Agatha Christie meets Taylor Jenkins Reid in this page-turning mystery woven into a brilliantly comedic drama —

Hours after a man discovers a secret destined to tear his family apart, Pia Sabel discovers his corpse.

As police chief of a small, peaceful town, Scott Jacobsen never expected to investigate his uncle’s murder. Nor did he expect anyone to dig into his adoption or his family’s ties to mobsters. Looming over his investigation, the town is desperately trying to land the Sabel Research Center and its high paying jobs. But did the mayor have to ask Pia Sabel herself to help him solve the case?

Working with the difficult and enigmatic Sabel is bad enough but now he has a Sophocles-spouting homeless lady as a witness; a stolen masterpiece as a possible motive; and a deadly gangster as a constant threat. Sabel keeps dragging him in incomprehensible directions, giving him reason to question her competence. Yet everything she does brings to light more long-buried secrets—one of which will change his life forever.

In a story that addresses the meaning of family, issues of adoption, identity, inclusion, and rejection arise in many different and unexpected ways.


A sweeping mystery of identity, love, and betrayal, The Rembrandt Decision is one of the finest mysteries of our time. —Dr. Louis Kirby, bestselling author of Shadow of Eden

 From the shocking opening murder through its delightful smalltown characters to its breathless final reveal, Rembrandt is irresistible. —Five-Star Amazon Review

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★★★★★ Praise for Seeley James’ Sabel Security series

Who else could write a humorous tragedy with a happy ending? The intense psychological mystery, decades-old family secrets, and charming smalltown characters will keep you captivated all night. -- Melissa K, Goodreads

Serious book clubs will embrace this atmospheric mystery’s themes of inclusion, rejection, and adoption mirrored against motherhood, family, and race. Reese Witherspoon should give this a nod. -- Mickey R, Amazon Reader

Plenty of edge of the seat suspense, a splash of well-timed humor, and adventures that leave you wanting more -- Susan Gainoutdinov

I really tried to pace myself so it would last but I kept getting caught up in the story and couldn't put it down. -- Cclsea, Amazon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
What is next for Pia

What a ride for a group of people so mismatched. Great next adventure for Pia. I can’t wait for the next adventure.

Amazon Customer
Seeley James Made Me Late For Work

The book starts off with a murder and quickly evolves into a rollicking good story that has all of the bits I love to read. There obviously is a crime, a number of mysteries to solve, action, plot twists, and humor too (guess who's phone calls Pia Sabel absolutely refuses to answer)! This book is like Jack Reacher meets Agatha Christie, Spenser, and [insert your favorite character here]. Generally, I need to read at least four books to enjoy the characters, story elements and 'flavors' I found in the Rembrandt Decision.Seriously; I hold Seeley James responsible for the blemish on my otherwise spotless (that's my story and I am sticking to it) attendance record at work. I simply could not put the book down, read into the wee hours, and overslept. Kinda droll, I know, but who does that to a person?All fun aside, this is a great read and worth your weekend. For god's sake, DO NOT start this book on a week night!

J. Benton
You Cannot go Wrong with a Seeley James Book!

I have enjoyed each and every Seeley James' book and always find myself at the point of when is the next one coming! I am at that point again after finishing "The Rembrandt Decision." This book has characters we know, such as Pia, and newer ones as well, such as Isaiah. It quotes Greek Tragedies, Shakespearean language, while set in today's time. What more could you ask for? But while reading this one, one quote has stuck with me that I would like to share: "You know you raised your kids right when they teach you to be a better person."

Mike Davis
Old characters, new genre

Pia Sabel moves from action to murder mystery for this book and it is a successful transition. Great characters from the Sabel world mixed with the locals as they untangle a mystery. Good backstory that flows from start to finish. Enjoyable read that will pull you through the book.

Rick Tara
Great read. Great characters

I loved this book. Characters were great. I must say that I was not sure who the villain was until the very end. Easy to follow. Enjoyed the local Maine references.