Other Retailers

Are you worried about buying writer-direct? Concerned about trusting me with your personal information? I've outlined the precautions I've taken to safeguard your privacy and addressed the differences between buying direct from me and going with big, established, soul-crushing, people-destroying corporations* on a special page. Just click the big yellow banner above for all the pros and cons of saving money by buying writer-direct.

 * Um, yes, I may have a bit of residual bias from my years fighting in the corporate trenches.

Still worried? So is my 99-year-old mother. OK, fine. Here's the list of other places you can buy my brilliant books. You can pay outrageous prices for the individual books from these well-known centers of capitalist exploitation, but be aware, sales and bundles are ONLY VAILABLE on my writer-direct site:

APPLE: http://seeleyjames.com/apple

AMAZON: http://seeleyjames.com/amazon

NOOK: http://seeleyjames.com/nook

KOBO/Walmart: http://seeleyjames.com/kobo

GOOGLE: http://seeleyjames.com/google

AMAZON Softcovers: http://seeleyjames.com/paper

Prefer FREE books? Tell your librarian to order it from OverDrive using the ISBNs found here: http://seeleyjames.com/libraries