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Seeley James

The Geneva Decision

The Geneva Decision

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Before the bestselling Sabel Security series, Pia Sabel took over dad’s company. Ever wonder how that happened? Sabel Origins #1 chronicles Pia’s foray into the business. Sabel Origins #2 details Jacob’s first adventure with Pia back when he was still on his meds.

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Until a few weeks ago, Pia Sabel was an international soccer star. But now she’s taken the helm of her billionaire father’s private security company, and she’s playing against a whole new set of opponents – the kind who shoot to kill.

On her first day on the job, Pia’s client is assassinated in front of her. There’s no time for training, so Pia must trust her instincts and athletic skills to unravel the complicated maze of money laundering and piracy that will take her from Swiss mansions to the jungles of Cameroon.

Her battle-hardened employees suspect she’s just a spoiled rich girl with a mean corner kick. But Pia’s got some unexpected moves of her own. Will they be enough to bring her team through its mission?


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Praise for Seeley James

A fine thriller with intriguing locations, intricate plot twists and a complex heroine. – Kirkus Reviews
I loved the character of Pia Sabel – there’s a girl Charlie Fox would team up with any day! -- Zoe Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox novels
Seeley James has created a protagonist that is strong and yet conflicted. --
I fell in love with the characters and can’t get enough of them … I felt every ounce of rage and desperation. -- CarolAnn Review
An excellent fast moving action thriller -- Eric Crown, Founder of F500 company, Insight Enterprises
Once I started reading, it was hard to put down. Can't wait for the next adventure! -- Robert Manning, Amazon
"PTSD sufferer Jacob Stearne and his mythical Roman god Mercury take the reader on a fierce, unforgettable adventure." --Bill K. Yucatan Review
Interview with Seeley James from

DW: Do readers really compare Pia and Jacob to other literary heroes and heroines?

SJ: I’ve heard Pia Sabel compared to Jack Reacher many times because she’s a straight-forward, no-nonsense heroine who beats the crap out of people. Recently, I’ve heard Jacob Stearne in the same breath as Stephanie Plum because of his whacky lifestyle and romantic problems. It’s appropriate because he’s our comic-relief character.

DW: What is your favorite book of all time? How has it influenced you and your writing?

I don’t have just one. One Shot by Lee Child, because it has such an intricate set of clues, ranks right up there with First Drop by Zoe Sharp, because she nailed the teenagers with incredible insight and humor.

DW: Did you always want to be a writer or did you fall into the profession?

I was nineteen and single when I adopted a three-year-old girl and raised her (More about that on my site, ). Kids need a lot of money and attention, so I worked in the upwardly mobile tech industry. Later in life, my career afforded me the ability to take a huge risk.

DW: Which authors have had a profound impact on your writing?

SJ: Gillian Flynn because she thinks way outside the Agatha Christie formula. Janet Evanovich because her books are just plain fun. J. D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) has some phenomenal writing techniques. Daniel Silva, Harlan Coben, Russell Blake, John Sandford, James Rollins, A. G. Riddle, Lance Charnes, the list just goes on and on…

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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews

A little slow in places but overall satisfying. Enjoyable characters.

The Slow Beginning of a Long Running Series!

This is the first Book that I have read by Seeley James. Consequently this was his first book, also. While I know that the series has become a very good and long running one at that. This was a typical first book from a new author. Because I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t read any of the reviews prior to reading the book. My opinion is that it is a solid beginning book and of course needs improvements. The basic story, plot, and characters are all solid and just need some tweaking. It did go over top in the action subject, especially where Pia is concerned. I look forward to reading Book 2 and all the rest. I do recommend that you give Seeley James a chance and continue with the series. Or you could start with a later book. Personally I’m quite interested in watching Seeley James grow as an author. You might want to take a chance, I’m sure you won’t be sorry.

Sandra L. King
Genie a Descion

I enjoyed it immensely. Got a little flustered with all the misses with the dart gun

Great reading!! first in the series was very well written, it keeps you riveted and I found it hard to put down! If the rest of the series is this good, I can't wait to read them!! Sabel Security rules!!

Enjoyed the book.

This was the first book I have read by Seeley James and I have to say I enjoyed book very much. Lots of action by Pia and she had a lot of courage I liked that she fought with her hands and used darts instead of bullets. I would recommend to friends and others to read.Will read more by author. Good job.