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Seeley James

LIES: A Jacob Stearne Thriller - Softcover

LIES: A Jacob Stearne Thriller - Softcover

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Jacob’s Top Secret mission to secure the nation’s future is thrown into chaos by his arrest for murder.

A group of young physicists sequester in Latvia to finalize a green technology worth trillions of dollars. Billionaires want to steal their work. While oil-rich nations want to destroy it. The president has tasked decorated veteran Jacob Stearne with bringing their research back to the US—which he intends to do as soon as he can break out of jail and beat a murder rap.

With an over-zealous police captain running the manhunt in dead-or-alive mode, Jacob is forced to find the real killer while fleeing the law. With ambiguous help from a dubious crew comprised of a young stripper, a claimant to the Russian throne, and the naïve physicists, he quickly discovers: everyone lies.

As the Latvian dragnet closes in, and betrayals come from friends and foe alike, Jacob must rely on Stearne’s Law for survival: Paranoia is the result of acute situational awareness. To save the scientists and repatriate the research, Jacob must outwit a Russian oligarch. But this time, as he holds a bomb with a ticking timer, he may have run out of luck.

Gallant-yet-troubled veteran Jacob Stearne escapes after his arrest for murder in the opening pages of this fast-paced, twisting thriller you won’t put down. – Melissa Krueger, Goodreads

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Note: this is a softcover copy, a high-quality, 6" x 9" paperback. It usually ships in twoto three weeks.

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