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Seeley James

Element 42

Element 42

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Would a pharmaceutical company engineer a disease only their patented drug could cure?

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Athlete and heiress Pia Sabel visits Borneo intending to build a school until she and her entourage stumble across mercenaries securing a remote research lab. Their intrusion is met with open hostility. Fleeing for their lives, her team returns to the USA only to discover one of them contracted a deadly virus. A genetically engineered virus.

Jacob Stearne, favored bodyguard, must set aside his hopes for romance with the boss to help her expose a multi-national corporation with deep pockets, vast resources, and support from the world’s largest governments. But before they can save the world from this horrific threat, a secretive group steals tons of the virus’s super-spreader agent and vanishes without a trace.

Sabel and Stearne must work together to uncover who stole it, why, and where they went in time to prevent a global disaster.

Join the thousands of fans who think of Pia Sabel and Jacob Stearne as old friends and give the series a full five stars. Check out the entire series today.

NOTE: This book was written in 2015. Any resemblance to the Covid pandemic of 2020 was either phenomenally prophetic, conspiratorially correct, or an unfortunate coincidence depending on your estimation of the writer. You decide.

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★★★★★ Praise for Seeley James Sabel Security series

A rock-solid, tension-filled ride that is completely entertaining all the way through. -- Ruthie

You can feel them facing evil, staring it in the face and saying, "Bring it on!" — Ann Graham

Jacob and his sidekick god, Mercury are two of the best characters ever created — Secret World Book Club

Long before David Baldacci came up with Atlee Pine, we had Pia Sabel, who proves once again to be the best — David Gormer

Plenty of edge of the seat suspense, a splash of well-timed humor, and adventures that leave you wanting more — Susan Gainoutdinov

Pia Sabel reminds me of a young Eve Dallas, always driven to succeed — Ingrid Anderson

I loved the character of Pia Sabel – there’s a girl Charlie Fox would team up with any day! — Zoe Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox novels

An excellent fast-moving action thriller — Eric Crown, Founder of F500 company, Insight Enterprises

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