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Seeley James

Death & Redemption: A Jacob Stearne Thriller - Softcover

Death & Redemption: A Jacob Stearne Thriller - Softcover

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When an ex-Army Ranger rescues a kidnapped professor, he uncovers billionaires in a race to corner the energy market for the next century. 

To save civilization, Jacob Stearne embarks on a perilous crusade to retrieve a climate-saving technology from international gangsters, rogue nations, a beautiful actress — and his own boss in this page-turning adventure from acclaimed writer Seeley James that combines quantum physics and Roman mythology with pulse-pounding action.

For many years, everyone relied on Jacob Stearne to be the hero who always saves the day. A few weeks ago, he failed to save his fiancé. Despondent ever since, he accepts a suicide mission to rescue a professor and is dragged into a war to own the most critical technology of the century.

Scientists have been trying in vain to recreate the breakthrough research of a murdered young physicist that could power the world with clean energy a thousand times more efficiently than today. Whoever patents the formula will become the richest person in history overnight. But now the lost Chaac Equation has surfaced and the race to put it all together is on.

As Jacob exposes the secret societies and rogues manipulating him, each faction offers him riches beyond his dreams. Angry at everyone’s duplicity, he tries to determine which side should control the world’s fate. Forced to gamble on a woman he hardly knows, Jacob sets up a gut-wrenching endgame worthy of a chess master. But will it reveal who should be the future king—or leave him dead?

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 ★★★★★ Praise for Seeley James’ Sabel Security series

This is smartest, most entertaining, fun adventure fiction available today — Melissa K.

A rock-solid, tension-filled ride that is completely entertaining all the way through. —

Set aside your Lee Child or David Baldacci books and pick up this twisting thrill-ride — David Gormer

Plenty of edge of the seat suspense, a splash of well-timed humor, and adventures that leave you wanting more — Susan Gainoutdinov

Seeley James has replaced Daniel Silva as my favorite international thriller writer  — Julia Whitehall

Note: this is a softcover copy, a high-quality, 6" x 9" paperback. It usually ships in two to three weeks.

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