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Seeley James

Death & Dark Money - Softcover

Death & Dark Money - Softcover

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Legendary veteran Jacob Stearne’s inquiry into the last words of a dying lobbyist clashes with heiress Pia Sabel’s probe of financial anomalies in her father’s company, driving them both into an international conspiracy – from which neither will escape unscathed.

Decorated hero Jacob Stearne is preparing a romantic dinner for a beautiful woman when a lobbyist is shot to death in his driveway. Across town, former athlete Pia Sabel wants to unravel a money laundering scheme in the company that bears her name. These two seemingly disparate events drive the pair into the same dark intersection of American political funding and foreign influence.

When they start asking questions, bodies begin to pile up. As they dig deeper, shadowy financiers emerge in the center of the conspiracy. Pia and Jacob face the most formidable enemy to date: greed. And worse: realizing some of the people who govern the world’s biggest economy and deadliest military owe their offices to foreigners. Discovering who pulls the puppet’s strings will shock Pia and Jacob to the depths of their souls.

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