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Seeley James

Death and Secrets

Death and Secrets

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What if DNA led you to discover your mother was the vice president — and a murderer?


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Jacob Stearne can’t remember who shot him. He wakes up with amnesia obscuring the events of recent weeks. Both his girlfriend and his boss have vanished. With his dream of starting a family crushed, Jacob decides to hang up his Glock and find a job less deadly. That doesn’t stop a former president from demanding that he find Pia Sabel. He refuses. But his past catches up with him when four assassins stop by intent on ending his life.

The twists in Seeley James stories are better than Steve Berry, Tom Clancy, or John Sandford — David Gormer

Pia isn’t lost. She’s dropped off the grid to get her mental health under control. While chilling on the French Riviera, curiosity gets the better of her. When she traces a clue back to an art gallery, she decides to focus her energy on annihilating the toxic American president back home. Still plagued by self-doubt, events quickly overwhelm her. To unravel the evidence, she must join a cabal of international oligarchs, all of whom kill to stay at the top.

You can feel them facing evil, staring it in the face and saying, "Bring it on!" — Ann Graham

Can Pia and Jacob expose the president before competing factions dismantle the nation’s balance of power and destroy the USA?

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Praise for Seeley James’ Sabel Security series

It wasn't only the story that kept me riveted. It was characters that I loved or detested with a passion — Vine Voice DreamBeast

Jacob Stearne is Jack Reacher … without the sanity — Paul Westmoreland

Pia Sabel reminds me of a young Eve Dallas, or a tragic Daenerys, always driven to succeed — Ingrid Anderson

Jacob and his sidekick god, Mercury are two of the best characters ever created — Secret World Book Club

The intricate plotting in Sabel Security novels creates a world you’ll love to get lost in — Pat Chapman

Plenty of edge of the seat suspense, a splash of well-timed humor, and adventures that leave you wanting more — Susan Gainoutdinov

Get the latest installment in the sensational series everyone is talking about today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Did Seeley James watch the news when he wrote this thriller!!

Seeley James continues on track with the USA being in political trouble, albeit in quite a satirical way! In the book, the bad guys in our government are over the top bad and vise versa for the good guys! IMO this is exactly the way Seeley wanted the reader to see it. Boy, do Pia and Seeley go thru hell and back in this book. As well as Mercury, Jacob’s imaginary god has gone missing as does Jacob and Pia. This book is another page turner and runs right along with the way the USA is moving, with the exception that it is much more exaggerated than our real lives! I HOPE! You won’t be able to put this one down for any length of time. I loved every part of this book. Seeley keeps his characters real to life for the most part. All except for the President. Well, I can’t say anymore without leaving spoilers. I highly recommend that you pick this book up as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed at all.

liane linner
Read them.

Read this, you'll love it!

Great story... Action packed and funny!

Although I don't agree with Seeley politically (only reason it didn't give it 5 stars), I still loved the book. Well written and funny while being action packed.

Love this series

Realistic story straight from the headlines with the usual non-stop action and intrigue that we expect from James. Characters and scenarios to make you think as well as enjoy. Another can't put it down, don't want to put it down read in the saga of Sabel Security.

Richard L. Cooper

What an epic book! The picture is so big and chaos is crazy in this installment. The only thing I is the cliff hanger ending.