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Death and Deception: A Jacob Stearne Thriller

Death and Deception: A Jacob Stearne Thriller

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What would you do with an ancient relic that drives people insane when they touch it? Decorated former Ranger Jacob Stearne must discover why secret cabals are willing to kill for an ancient artifact in the newest addition to Seeley James’s sensational Sabel Security series.


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Jacob and his fiancé Jenny, plan their future during their adventure deep in the Yucatán to repatriate a Mayan artifact. Together they hope to leave the past behind them and start anew. They arrive at the remote excavation site only to have one expert declare their stone age carving a fake and another call it the destroyer of civilizations. While the power of myth is debatable, Jacob and Jenny’s good intentions quickly turn dangerous when a murderous executioner comes in search of their relic.

Three warring secret societies draw Jacob ever deeper into their competing beliefs forcing him to choose sides. Then a series of events leave him mystified: a hostage who doesn’t want to be rescued; freedom fighters who sabotage his efforts; and a professor who reveals far too little of the ancient lore. Everyone wants his help, but no one will tell him why. Sifting through unreliable alliances, Jacob must determine whose cause is just and whose is a myth.

As Jacob peels back layers of sinister sects, he uncovers plots against the world’s largest economies. With tight security by the finest police, he leaves it to the experts. But his deep concerns lead to a revelation. How can he explain a threat posed an archaic legend without sounding insane? Jacob will need to marshal his extraordinary Ranger skills, and to enlist help from both friends and enemies alike, to root out a diabolically evil plan … before the few remaining democracies lose their freedoms.

The latest installment in Seeley James’s highly acclaimed Sabel Security series, this international adventure races from Mayan temples to Chicago mansions to a nail-biting ice climb on the tallest mountain in Germany. But be warned: it’ll keep you up all night.


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I fell in love with the characters and can’t get enough of them … I felt every ounce of rage and desperation. -- CarolAnn Review

It wasn't only the story that kept me riveted. It was characters that I loved or detested with a passion. --DreamBeast, Vine Voice

Jacob and his sidekick god, Mercury are two of the best characters ever created — Secret World Book Club

Action packed and impossible to put down. International politics and greed. --Jerry, Kobo

I find Sabel Security adventures like finding James Rollins’ Sigma Force, Preston & Child’s Agent Pendergast, JD Robb’s Eve Dallas, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone, and David Baldacci’s myriad stories rolled into one. – Highly Recommended Books

I loved the character of Pia Sabel – there’s a girl Charlie Fox would team up with any day! -- Zoe Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox novels

A fine thriller with intriguing locations, intricate plot twists and a complex heroine. – Kirkus Reviews 

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Customer Reviews

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Jose Orellana
Action packed, page turner!

This was another page turner, circadian rhythm disrupting story!! Well done Mr James!This time around friend/foe, good/bad is not as clear cut as we are used to.But do not despair! it's packed with action, chases, intrigue and everyone's favorite Roman deity!******* MILD SPOILER AHEAD *************I must admit that I was upset and mad at a decision made towards the end of the book, but after mulling it for a couple of days, I came to realize that it was probably for the best of the series.What do you think?

Amazon Customer
Read the series

Have read every book in this series! Great stories! I highly recommend you add the series to your reading list!

Slow read

Since I finished Netflix during COVID, I turned back to reading. With a great deal of spare time, I complete two to three books per week. Except for Seeley James books. Death & Deception was a week point five ride. I am unable to rush his books, too much fun. Sadly, I learn stuff too. Thank you again Seeley

The gang back together

I love reading about Jacob an Pia not to mention an unreliable god. This was the hardest of all the books to read. I’ve followed the team through all there adventures and I find it hard for Jacob to be anything other than what he truly he once put it “I’m Pia Sabels Serial killer”. Looking forward to many more books.

Diane McGar
Wow!!!! This one knocked me off my chair.

I love Jacob and Pia and the team working together. Trying not to give to much away but this is definitely a great read