Seeley James

Death and Conspiracy: A Jacob Stearne Thriller

Death and Conspiracy: A Jacob Stearne Thriller

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The survivors broke into two groups: those who thought Jacob Stearne saved their lives; and those who thought he led the terrorists.

The first stand-alone installment of the Jacob Stearne Thrillers in which the hero of Sabel Security breaks into his own series.

Combat-hardened veteran Jacob Stearne faces the toughest challenge of his life: his girlfriend won’t tell him what’s wrong. Then he sees two terrorists enter a cathedral. After he saves the day, the victims mistake him for one of the extremists. The authorities give him a choice: go undercover to expose a global cabal of neo-Nazi fanatics—or go to jail.

Jacob reluctantly infiltrates a group of neo-Nazis who are both dangerous and well-organized, and they're not going to let Jacob get in their way. He must employ all his skills and resources to stay alive and bring down the neo-Nazis before they strike again.

If you’re a fan of James Patterson, Lee Child, or David Baldacci, this is a must-read. With its fast-paced action, complex plot, and well-developed characters, Death and Conspiracy is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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★★★★★ What the Reviewers say ★★★★★  

“Plenty of edge of the seat suspense, a splash of well-timed humor, and adventures that leave you wanting more.” —Susan Gainoutdinov

“Welcome to the electrifying world of Seeley James’ Death and Conspiracy, an intricate narrative brimming with tension, teetering high-stakes, and relentless suspense. This intricate thriller weaves together an intricate plotline, dynamic characters, and timely themes that keep readers riveted from the first page to the last.” —OpenAI

“Jacob and his sidekick, Mercury are two of the best characters ever created” —Secret World Book Club

“An excellent fast-moving action thriller.” —Eric Crown, Founder of F500 company, Insight Enterprises

“In the vein of the suspenseful narratives crafted by James Patterson, Seeley James delivers a tour de force with Death and Conspiracy. With his razor-sharp prose, sly wit, and deft handling of geopolitical themes, James proves himself to be a master storyteller.” —Bard

“Seeley James’s writing swings from downright funny to rollercoaster thrills and unpredictable twists. The shocking plot will keep you reading all night and worried about the real world afterwards. The best read of the year” —Krueger Reads

Read the first five chapters in the sample and tell me you’re not hooked.


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