Is Buying Writer-Direct Right for You?

You get great, amazing books for less and I don't get ripped off by websites charging me a lot for doing very little. That sounds like a win-win for us both, doesn't it? But ...

    Buying direct is different from giving all your money to mega-zillionaires like Jeff Bezos. Here are the operational differences:


    • Retailers make it hard for writers like me to give you a discount ... which is how they got to be mega-zillionaires.
    • You get a discount and I make more money. Odd logic, but because major retailers take a gigantic cut for doing dang little, you and I both win.
    • I will appreciate you. Think Jeff Bezos even knows you exist? Tim Cook? Whoever owns Walmart/Kobo?
    • If you join the newsletter, you'll get notices of sales and discounts for great mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, etc with wonderful things emblazoned on them like Stearne's Law or Pia Sabel saying, "But Did You Die?"
    • I won't be forced to sell my children to the salt mines. You want to help a good cause, don't you?

    Not-so Plus:

    • Retailers like Amazon, Kobo, Apple, etc make it a one-step process. You buy the ebook and it magically appears on your device. You pay more for the convenience. My buy-direct adds a step to process the first time, so read the tips to make it smooth as possible.

    Tips for a great experience:

    • At checkout, be sure to include your correct email address! The book will be delivered via email. 
    • Ebooks be delivered by BOOKFUNNEL, an ebook-delivery service; keep an eye out for an email from BOOKFUNNEL.COM. They have the best delivery system in the business and have been doing it for years. They will email you instructions on how to get your books within seconds of your purchase. Sometimes these emails wind up in spam filters, promo folders, all kinds of places, so please check around if you don't see it right away.
    • BOOKFUNNEL has a help button in the upper right of the landing page. Don't hesitate to ask them for help the first time through or if it looks daunting.
    • Extra Tip for synchronized reading: If you have a Kindle app or device, it has its own email address ( Emailing your book to that address makes for a great experience. For a video and/or step-by-step instructions on how to do that, please visit: Send to Kindle Video : BookFunnel

    Is it secure?

    • I've done everything I can to ensure your safety and security. The site is managed and secured by the biggest international e-commerce company: Shopify. 
    • Shopify runs the machinery that makes checking out possible. They are a $3 billion business, the most secure operation I could find, and the leaders in ecommerce.
    • PayPal, GooglePay, your credit card (which you can save via Shop Pay) are the most secure payment methods in the business and have excellent records for preventing theft and fraud. 

    Where can you find that Nine eBook Bundle? Click Here!

    Still not sure about buying direct? That's ok, those mega-zillionaires need money too. I guess. My kids will learn to like the salt mines. And don't worry about me ... I can gather berries and twigs for dinner. I guess.

    Seriously, what matters most is that you get a book you enjoy reading. Any way you go about it - as long as they're my books - buy them anywhere you please!

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